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It’s Cyber Resilience Week

It’s cyber resilience week (DLCR Week) 11th – 15th  September 2017 events are being held across the UK where you can learn, share and connect to find out the latest initiatives, intelligence and case studies required to take informed action in building your cyber defences.

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How cyber secure is your business?

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Browse Our Range of Cabinets

Please browse our range of cabinets manufactured at our state-of-the-art UK manufacturing facilities located in Rainford which include:- indoor cabinets, outdoor cabinets, IP65 wall boxes and many more…

Vanquish® Indoor Cabinets

  • Wide range of sizes: 21U, 32U, 39U, 43U, 48U, 19 inch and ETSI standard
  • 2 widths: 600mm and 800mm
  • 5 depths: 600mm, 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm and 1200mm
  • 1000kg static load capacity
  • Modular construction
  • Factory built 
  • Bay construction (with the use of baying kit)
  • Hybrid design
  • Designed for maximum thermal and space efficiency
  • Hot and Cold Aisle Containment
  • Range of cable management options
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Colours available: standard Grey, Black, corporate colours available to order
  • Supplied fully assembled

Vanquish® Indoor Racks and Cabinets Closed

Vanguard® Outdoor Cabinets

  • Wide range of sizes: 20U, 25U, 30U
  • 2 depths: 600mm and 800mm
  • ​Single bay, single bay + end pod, double bay, double bay + end pod, triple bay with end pod 
  • L/H hinged front door
  • Door fitted with 3-point locking swing handle keyed EMKA EK333
  • Full height 19” mounting verticals
  • Material – Stainless steel 4003
  • 2 x breather plugs in side panels
  • Gland plate in base of each bay for cable access
  • 100mm Plinth
  • Designed to meet IP55
  • ​Optional Thermal Management
  • Paint finish – Powder coated standard RAL colour
  • Supplied fully assembled

Vanguard 20U Single Bay Outdoor Cabinet

EasiBox® IP65 Wall Boxes

  • Wide range – 5 sizes in 2 depth options
  • IP65 for maximum protection
  • Construction materials include; Stainless Steel 4003
  • Superior door sealing arrangement
  • Gland plates
  • Hasp bracket or camlock for security
  • Lift off hinges for easy mounting and access
  • 2 through door fixings for quick access and improved ingress protection

EasiBox® IP65 Wall Mounted Boxes

This Months Featured Product: 20U Vanguard® Outdoor Cabinets

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Vanguard® Outdoor Cabinet – Single Bay 20U / 600 / 600

Rainford Solutions Vanguard® outdoor cabinet range offers a modular product with the flexibility to house a broad range of equipment in a variety of industry standard mounting formats.

With a robust construction, coupled with a variety of vandal resistant features, the Vanguard® outdoor cabinet range, provides a cost-effective solution for all your equipment protection needs.

The Vanguard® intelligent thermal management system (optional), varies the speed of the fan(s) in accordance with the external conditions, thus reducing the duty of the system.  This reduces the maintenance frequency of the enclosure, prolongs the life of the air filter and reduces the though life cost of the enclosure. 

Our Vanguard® outdoor cabinets are supplied fully assembled ready for immediate deployment.

Vanguard® is a registered trade mark of Rainford Solutions Ltd, number 3009819

Vanguard 20U Single Bay Outdoor Cabinet 001

Vanguard® Outdoor Cabinet Standard Features – Single Bay 20U 600 x 600:

  • LH hinged door fitted with 3-point locking swing handle
  • Fixed rear panel
  • Full height 19″ mounting verticals
  • Cabinet fitted with with IP65 vent plugs
  • Standard paint colour: RAL TBA

Vanguard® Outdoor Cabinet Options:

  • Upgrade to stainless steel swing handle 

Vanguard® Outdoor Cabinet Accessories:

  • Anti condensation heater kit
  • Door alarm kit
  • Cable trays
  • ETSI mounting verticals
  • Full range of 19″ or ETSI mounting accessories
  • Equipment shelves / battery trays
  • 6 way 19″ PDU

Vanguard® Outdoor Standard Cabinet Materials / Finishes:

  • Main cabinet structure and panel work – Type 4003 stainless steel / polyester powder coated
  • Air inlet filter – UL94V0 polyurethane foam / Swing handle – Polyamide GF black

21U EMC Shielded Wall Mounted Enclosures

World-Class electrical enclosure specialists, Rainford Solutions offers 21U EMC shielded wall mounted enclosures, wall mounted cases, wall mounted boxes and outdoor electrical boxes.

If you can not find the size or specification you are looking for please contact us and ask for further details on our exceptional bespoke enclosure design service.

21U EMC Shielded Wall Mounted Enclosure

21U EMC Shielded Wall Mounted Enclosure Key Features:

  • 21U EMC shielded wall mounted enclosure
  • Indoor Enclosure manufactured from 2.0mm mild steel and polyester powder coated
  • Overall Size; 600W x 510D 
  • 4mm glazed front door incorporating copper mesh EMC protection & three point locking swing handle with euro-cylinder lock
  • Wall mounting fixing holes and hinged swing frame for rear access
  • All opening joints EMC protected with masked areas and conductive sealing gasket
  • Cable entry through base-mounted removable gland plate with ‘knock out’ blanks (4 x 25mm and 6 x 20mm)
  • 2 x pairs of 19” equipment mounting rails with 21U of available mounting height
  • 1 x thermostatically controlled cooling fan and filter with EMC protection
  • Components fully earth bonded
  • Supplied fully assembled and packaged on a pallet

21U EMC Shielded Wall Mounted Enclosure

21U EMC Shielded Wall Mounted Enclosure Applications:

  • Security
  • House Electronic Equipment
  • Industrial Process Control
  • Telecommunications Equipment
  • Transportation (Railway & Roadside)
  • CCTV Applications
  • Bespoke applications and many more…

  • Please contact us for further on our 21 EMC shielded wall mounted enclosures, outdoor electrical boxes, CCTV cabinets and wall boxes.