This Months Featured Product: Vanquish® Indoor Cabinets

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Vanquish® Indoor Cabinets

Rainford Solutions have been providing standard and bespoke cabinet solutions for over 30 years to a wide range of industry and commercial users. The result of the knowledge gained has led to the development of a range of Vanquish® indoor cabinets. The result is an impressive 1000kg static load capacity from a cabinet that allows you to meet the most challenging installations of any electronic high density application.

The secret of Vanquish® superior strength lies in the design characterised by its fabricated hybrid folded section and its horizontal bracing robust steel construction. It also offers high load capacity with excellent equipment access and an impressive range of options to provide you with the exact configuration you need.

The Vanquish® range can be locked together to form a suite or aisle of cabinets allowing you to expand your existing infrastructure with ease offering multiple door options, heat management and flexible cable management for high density cable applications.

Our cabinets are supplied fully assembled ready for immediate deployment.

Vanquish® Indoor Racks and Cabinets

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Vanquish® is a registered trade mark of Rainford Solutions Ltd, number 3009848

This Months Featured Product: EasiBox® IP65 Wall Boxes

Key Features:

  • Wide range – 5 sizes in 2 depth options
  • IP65 for maximum protection
  • Construction materials include; Stainless Steel 4003
  • Superior door sealing arrangement
  • Gland plates
  • Hasp bracket or camlock for security
  • Lift off hinges for easy mounting and access
  • 2 through door fixings for quick access and improved ingress protection

EasiBox® IP65 Wall Mounted BoxesEasiBox® IP65 Wall Mounted Boxes


  • Junction boxes
  • Wall boxes for cable incoming connections
  • Transmission boxes for substations
  • CCTV Applications
  • Key storage boxes
  • Factory and automation applications and many more…

EasiBox® IP65 Wall Mounted BoxesEasiBox® IP65 Wall Mounted Boxes

* Recommended for all industrial and commercial, external and internal environmental needs where protection is paramount.

* Please click on PDF icon to download EasiBox® product data sheet 

Product Overview:

EasiBox® is a range of standard sized IP65 wall boxes providing an ultimate protection for your equipment in a harsh industrial environment.  It has an easy 4 point wall mounting arrangement and top and bottom gland plates to suit all existing cable arrangements and space constraints.

Our special ‘edge on’ seal design developed over many years provides maximum protection and easy maintenance with fully replaceable seal.  Additionally the edge on’ design extends the seal life by protecting it from degradation. Our rounded corner apertures forms a uniform protection across the section and aids additional water run off.  Furthermore the EPDM bubble seal offers extra compression providing superior ingress protection.

EasiBox® has simple “in box” mounting arrangement consisting of 4 mounting pins allowing you to mount your chosen back plate.

EasiBox® is a registered trade mark of Rainford Solutions Ltd, number 3009918